Keeping your employees safe

Here at American Uniform Wear, we want your company clothed in the highest quality material at the lowest cost possible. We have developed a one-stop shop when it comes to outfitting your employees, giving you a quick turnaround time with all of the clothing and accessory items you need.

Uniform your team

When it comes to outfitting your employees we got you covered. From jackets and jumpsuits to boots and pants, we can ensure that your employees will be decked out in the highest quality apparel. We also offer professional polos and button ups for those who require a different dress code in their office.

Accessories We Offer

Not only do we offer full uniforms for your employees, but we can also supply accessory items as well. Some of these items include, flashlights, hardhats, gloves, glasses, masks, ear protectant gear, and more! We truly strive to make sure you get everything you need in one place.

ONline stores

Have new hires coming in? Don't sweat it! We offer online stores that your new employee can go to and purchase their entire uniform plus accesories. This also gives your company the ability to buy new items if their uniform becomes old and torn, or they lose an accessory.


Want to test out some of the apparel and accessories we offer? Sign up to receive one of our Wear Tests! This gives you the ability to make for sure our products have the quality and standards your office needs to meet. Click the button below to sign up for your wear test today!
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